International workshop on mathematical modeling of biological processes


The goal of the workshop is to bring together applied mathematicians working and researchers in ordinary and partial differential equations together with mathematical biologists in order to exchange ideas and initiate collaborations on mathematical models which arise in areas such as immunology, cancer, stem cells, optimal control in medical treatment, and ecology and evolution. The workshop will feature plenary speakers, minisymposia and contributed papers.

Confirmed plenary speakers (alphabetically order):

Vincezo Capasso, University of Milano
Li Chen, Tsinghua University
Meng Fan, Northeast Normal University
Avner Friedman, Ohio State University
Wenjie Gao, Jilin University
Daqing Jiang, Northeast Normal University
Urszula Ledzewicz, Southern Illinois University
Mark Lewis, University of Alberta
Guo Lin, Lanzhou University
Yuan Lou, Ohio State University
Philip Maini, Oxford University
Mingxin Wang, Harbin Institute of technology
Wendi Wang, Southwest University
Junjie Wei, Harbin Institute of technology
Peixuan Weng, South China Normal University
Chengkui Zhong, Nanjing University

Scientific organizing committee (alphabetically order):
Avner Friedman, Ohio State University
Wei-Ming Ni, University of Minnesota
Junjie Wei, Harbin Institute of Technology
Mingxin Wang, Harbin Institute of Technology
Xiaoping Xue, Harbin Institute of Technology

Local organizing committee:
Yong Chen, Harbin Institute of Technology 
Chao Zhang, Harbin Institute of Technology

We would like to encourage researchers and graduate students to participate the conference even if they do not give a talk. The conference fee is 800 Yuan for researchers and 400 Yuan for graduate students from China; $150 and $75 for foreign researchers and graduate students, respectively (accommodation not included). All the plenary speakers do not need to pay the registration fees. The conference fee should be paid in cash upon arrival.
Contact email:
Yong Chen,
Chao Zhang,

Program for International Workshop on Mathematical Modeling of Biological Processes(September 3-7, 2012, HIT):

Venue: Room 210, International Conference Centre of HIT
Morning session
08:00-09:00  Registration (注册)
09:00-09:30  Welcoming address (致欢迎词)
09:30-10:30  Avner Friedman (Ohio State University)
Conservation Laws in mathematical biology
10:30-11:00  Tea Time
11:00-12:00  Philip Maini (Oxford University)
Modelling aspects of solid tumour growth
12:00-14:00  Lunch Time
Afternoon session
14:00-15:00  Mingxin Wang (Harbin Institute of Technology)
Spreading-vanishing dichotomy in the prey-predator model with doubles fronts free boundary
15:00-15:30  Tea Time
15:30-16:30  Guo Lin (Lanzhou University)
Asymptotic Spreading of Evolutionary Systems--The Role of Nonlinearity

Morning session
09:00-10:00  Mark Lewis (University of Alberta)
The Mathematics Behind Biological Invasion Processes
10:00-10:15  Tea Time
10:15-11:15  Yuan Lou (Ohio State University)
Dispersal in Heterogeneous Landscapes
11:15-11:30  Tea Time
11:30-12:30  Junjie Wei (Harbin Institute of Technology)
Stability and bifurcation in a Holling-type ratio-dependent predator-prey system with diffusion and delay effects
12:30-14:30  Lunch Time
Afternoon session
14:30-15:30  Wenjie Gao (Jilin University)
Study of an Eco-epidemiological Model with Diffusion
15:30-15:45  Tea Time
15:45-16:45  Li Chen (Tsinghua University)
Multi dimensional Degenerate Keller-Segel system

Morning session
09:00-10:00  Chengkui Zhong (Nanjing University)
The existence of multiple equilibrium points in global attractors for some symmetric dynamical systems
10:00-10:15  Tea Time
10:15-11:15  Meng Fan (Northeast Normal University)
Dynamics of a multi group epidemiological model with group-targeted vaccination strategies
11:30-13:30  Lunch Time
13:30-18:00  Conference will organize a half-day tour of the city of Harbin. Possible destinations include Central Street (中央大街), Saint Sofia Church (圣索菲亚教堂), and Taiyang Island (太阳岛).
19:00-21:00  Banquet

Morning session
09:00-10:00  Vincenzo Capasso (University of Milano)
The Role of Geometric Randomness in the Mathematical Modelling of Angiogenesis
10:00-10:15  Tea Time
10:15-11:15  Urszula Ledzewicz (Southern Illinois University)
Methods of Optimal Control Applied to Mathematical Models for Cancer Combination Therapies
11:15-11:30  Tea Time
11:30-12:30 Daqing Jiang (Northeast Normal University)
Long-time behaviour of a stochastic SIR Model
12:30-14:30  Lunch Time
Afternoon session
14:30-15:30  Peixuan Weng (South China Normal University)
Traveling wave solutions for predator-prey systems with shooting method
15:30-15:45  Tea Time
15:45-16:45  Wendi Wang (Southwest University)
Basic reproduction number of epidemic models with PDE structures

Morning session
09:00-10:00  Avner Friedman (Ohio State University)
Cancer and the immune system: the role of macrophages
10:00-10:15  Tea Time
10:15-11:15  A panel discussion on “future directions in mathematical biology” I, chaired by Mark Lewis, Philip Maini, Wendi Wang and Avner Friedman
11:15-11:30  Tea Time
11:30-12:30  A panel discussion on “future directions in mathematical biology” II, chaired by Yuan Lou, Vincenzo Capasso, Urszula Ledzewicz and Junjie Wei

Local Information: 
The site of conference Harbin is the capital of Heilongjiang province, the northern most province of China.With only a history of about 120 years in existence, Harbin now has a population of 9.5 million (4.6 million in urban area). Harbin is a thriving industrial city. It is also the political, economic, scientific, cultural and communications centre of Northeast China. Harbin is known as one of the major cities in China and Northeast Asia. Harbin bears the nickname 'The Pearl on the swan's neck' because the shape of Heilongjiang resembles a swan, or as 'Oriental Moscow' or 'Oriental Paris' for the architecture in the city. Harbin is also known as 'Ice City' for its long and cold winter.
Harbin weather (located at the northeast China, the summer weather of Harbin is mild and cool compared to most other cities in China)
Tourist Information:
Conference may organize a half-day tour of the city of Harbin. Possible destinations include Taiyang Island (太阳岛), Saint Sofia Church (圣索菲亚教堂), and Central Street (中央大街).
Harbin Taiping Airport (HRB) serves Harbin metropolitan area. Airlines which serve HRB include Air China, Asiana, Cathay Pacific, China Eastern, China Southern, Dalavia, Hainan Air, Shanghai Air, Shenzhen Air, Vladivostok Air, Xiamen Air, Yakutia. Major connecting airports are Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Seoul, and various Russian cities. Every day there are more than ten flights from Beijing or Shanghai to Harbin. There are also train service from almost all the cities in China to Harbin. 
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